She Threw Her Puppy Out Of A Moving Car – But Then This Happened…

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A small puppy was found in a plastic bag beside a New York railroad track because it’s owner did not want to pay the veterinarian fees to get it’s broken leg repaired.

According to Daily Mail, Alsu Ivanchenko threw Charlotte, her white-haired Maltese cross, from her car last September. Prosecutors say the little dog suffered a fractured skull from the incident.

“It costs too much to get it treated. I couldn’t afford it. So that’s why I put it in the bag, and I put it on the side of the road,” Ivanchenko told police.

However, since the puppy’s skull was fractured, authorities believe she was thrown from the vehicle.


Ivanchenko, a Staten Island resident, was found guilty of felony aggravated cruelty to animals, in addition to torturing and injuring animals and abandonment of an animal. She will be sentenced on October 27, and she is facing up to two years in jail.

“The defendant showed utter disregard for the well-being of this helpless dog,” said DA Daniel Master Junior.

Snowflake, who was just three months old and weighed one pound at the time of the incident, has since made a full recovery. She has been renamed “Pip” and has been adopted by a loving family in Manhattan.

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