Inside Dolly Parton’s LESBIAN Love Affair

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Dolly Parton is about to celebrate her fiftieth wedding anniversary with her husband of half a century, but this has been no ordinary marriage…

Dolly’s husband Carl Dean is set to make his first public appearance in years to celebrate the anniversary, but he is reportedly threatening to call the appearance off due to anger he still harbors about the six year affair his wife had with her bodyguard.


According to Daily Mail, the strapping Mark Kiracofe first began working as Dolly’s bodyguard in 1989. Eleven years younger than her husband, he was quickly promoted to head of Dolly’s security in 1991. Rumors of their relationship first leaked to the press in 1996, when Kiracofe reportedly gave Dolly an ultimatum. When she refused to leave her husband, Kiracofe quit and “walked out of her life.”


Dolly’s rumored liasons haven’t only been with men. Her relationship with her personal assistant Judy Ogle, a friend since childhood, has long been suspected to be sexual in nature. Ogle, an ex-soldier who has never been married, has long been described by Dolly as one of two rocks in her life, the other being her husband.


“They keep me grounded and the two of them get along great,” the singer said. “Judy is the only person that Carl doesn’t mind coming in and out of our house.”

Though Dolly has always denied that they have had sex, she has admitted that they are closer than most female friends.

“We have never, you know, been lovers, and yet, we have shared more things than most couples do, and we’ve slept together since we were little kids, you know, just like my sisters and I do,” Dolly once said.


At times, Dolly has suggested that her marriage to Dean is an open one, but in other interviews she has flat-out denied this.

“People always ask me if I’ve had extramarital affairs, and you can draw your own conclusions,” she said in an interview a few years ago.

Recently, however, Dolly has described herself and Dean as two “old mountain goats” who “will be together till one of us dies.”


Regardless of what goes on behind closed doors, Dolly and Dean have made it to 50 years of marriage, and for that we congratulate them!

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