CNN Disrespects National Anthem In A DISGUSTING Way During Debate


September 17, 2015 10:10am PST

Last night was the second GOP debate, and afterwards frontrunner Donald Trump was declared the undisputed winner once again.

However, before the debate started, CNN did something incredibly disrespectful to the national anthem that made patriotic Americans all over the country sick to their stomachs.

Just before the debate started, CNN put the liberal mainstream reporters in one room so that they could view the debate. According to Conservative Tribune, when the national anthem played before the start of the debate, you would think that the reporters would stand respectfully.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong.


Instead, the liberal reporters continued sitting and talking as the national anthem played, showing no respect for their country.

It’s sickening that liberals don’t even respect our country enough to stand while the national anthem plays. Shame on you, liberals!


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