Dr. Phil Makes Shock Announcement About Trump

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As the longstanding GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump is now finding support in the unlikeliest of places. However, his latest supporter just might be the biggest surprise of all.

While appearing on The View on Monday, Dr. Phil reportedly stepped up to defend Trump from the liberal hosts.

The liberal media has been grasping at straws to attack Trump, and their latest criticism of him is low, even for them. They’ve been attacking the business mogul for calling his daughter Ivanka beautiful and saying that he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter.

“I’ve known Donald for a long time,” Dr. Phil said, according to Conservative Tribune. “I know Ivanka. I’ve been around the two of them together. There’s really nothing creepy going on there.”

Dr. Phil went on to say that our country has become so PC that “people are living through him saying the stuff that everybody wishes they could.”

“Well, you know, he doesn’t have an edit button, he doesn’t have a muzzle,” Dr. Phil continued. “Right now, he’s just talking and he doesn’t have the ability to really have any consequences to what he says.”

The idiot liberal hosts of The View were stunned to see Dr. Phil rush to Trump’s defense, but we LOVE what he said!

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