Obama Family Suffers Serious Health Scare


September 14, 2015 1:57pm PST

Over the last few months, Michelle Obama has found herself in hot after her precious school lunch plan was exposed as the farce that it is.

Now, Michelle has opened up about the serious health scare that “inspired” her to come up with the plan. It turns out that her school lunch plan was inspired by her own horrible parenting…

“When our girls were young, Barack and I struggled to juggle the demands of our jobs with the needs of our family, and we didn’t always take the time to prepare healthy meals,” Michelle said in a recent interview, according to Daily Meal. “It got to the point where our pediatrician pulled me aside and recommended that we make some changes in how we were eating.”

Yes, you read that right: Michelle was such a bad mother to her daughters that a doctor had to intervene on their behalf. Great parenting, Michelle…

Michelle went on to say that this was a huge wakeup call for her family, and that it forced her to introduce fruits and vegetables into her daughters’ diets.

“We also made sure to have healthy snacks – like fruits and vegetables – out on the counter or on an easily-reachable shelf in the fridge,” she continued. “Finally, we found that getting our girls involved in preparing meals helped get them excited about trying new foods.”

Wow, we had a feeling Michelle was a bad mother, but we had no idea she was this bad…


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