ISIS Releases Terrifying New Video in Message to America

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It was the fourteenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks last Friday, and ISIS marked the occasion by releasing a terrifying new video that threatens new attacks on America.

According to Daily Mail, ISIS militants claim they are “back in America” during the chilling ten minute video in which they also warn the U.S. to expect more attacks as well as “cars full of explosives and suicide bombers.”

The video prominently features al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, quoting his statement that, “every Muslim, from the moment they realize the distinction in their hearts, hates Americans, hates Jews, and hates Christians.”

It also includes Bin Laden’s infamous quote, “For as long as I can remember, I have felt tormented and at war, and have felt hatred and animosity for Americans.”

Later in the video, a message appears that reads, “We will repeat September 11 and we will send cars full of explosives and suicide bombers.”

If this video is true, it means the U.S. could be in big trouble. Do you think ISIS presents a major threat to us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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