Bombshell Report Reveals Obama Is Muslim Born Outside The US


September 14, 2015 6:10am PST

Since Barack Obama first became president in 2008, he has faced accusations that he is actually a Muslim man born outside of the U.S. While he has vehemently denied these accusations for years, a bombshell new report reveals that Americans are not buying his story…

According to Daily Mail, a new poll has revealed that almost 30% of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim, and 20% don’t think that he was born in America.

43% of Republicans firmly believe that Obama is a Muslim, as do 54% of all Donald Trump supporters.

Of those who were polled, only 9% said that they believe there is strong evidence to support their claim that Obama was born outside the U.S. The others believe that the president has hidden or destroyed what evidence there was.

As far as his religion goes, Obama has sworn that he is a Christian since he ran for Senate back in 2004.

“I’m a Christian by choice,” he said in 2010 during a question and answer session in New Mexico. “My family didn’t, frankly, they weren’t folks who went to church every week. And my mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew, but she didn’t raise me in the church.”

“So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead,” he added.

Yeah, right…

Looks like Barack Obama’s efforts to convince his people that he is an American Christian have been in vain. What religion do you think Obama believes in, and do you think he was born in the U.S.? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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