Trump ANNIHILATES CNN Anchor To His Face – Watch What Happens Next

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On Thursday, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump called in to liberal nitwit Chris Cuomo’s CNN television show and things got messy VERY quickly.

According to Conservative Tribune, Cuomo began by lecturing Trump about comments he had made about fellow GOP candidates like Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson.

“I’m not saying be Mr. PC. I’m not saying be Captain Gentility and let everybody beat you up,” Cuomo said. “But the idea of returning a blow every time you receive one, you know that doesn’t work in any high level situation.”

Trump, however, wasn’t about to let Cuomo get away with attacking him.

“Well, I’m a believer. Perhaps you’re not,” Trump replied. “Maybe that’s why you’re show is not doing as well as it should be.”

“You see, that’s not nice,” whined the son of the New York Governor. “You’re attacking me for asking you a question. That’s my point.”

Of course, Cuomo hadn’t asked Trump a question. Instead, he had tried to berate the business mogul and failed miserably.

“Let me tell you when Ben Carson … attacks my faith and he doesn’t even know me … I hit back,” Trump replied unfazed.

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