Farmer Drops Pants To Urinate In Field – Seconds Later He’s SCREAMING In Pain

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A 46 year-old farmer was working in a field in India when he suddenly had to urinate. After whipping out his manhood to pee in the grass, something happened that can only be described as horrific.

Out of nowhere, a snake jumped out of the bushes and bit the man’s penis, resulting in excruciating pain.

According to Mad World News, the man’s genitals became swollen about three hours after the bite, so he rushed to the Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences in Sringa. In the emergency room, doctors noticed that the farmer’s penis was covered in fluid-filled blisters where the snake had bitten him.


The farmer was later able to identify the snake as a “gunas,” which is also known as the Levantine viper, whose venom is extremely poisonous. Doctors were soon horrified to discover that the man’s blood was clotting at a rate exponentially higher than normal.

However, after they gave the farmer a quick shot of anti-venom, his condition took a dramatic turn for the better. The swelling on his manhood went down four days after he left the hospital, but he was left with black wounds in the places where the snake bit his penis.

Luckily, the man was completely healed two weeks after the bite occurred. He should consider himself extremely blessed!

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