He Snuck Up On An Innocent Woman, But What He Did Next…OMG!

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A strange, newly-surfaced video shows a man dressed in black walking around a town messing with people, and the reason why will surprise you!

According to American Overlook, the mysterious man lifts up a woman’s skirt, he knocks off a man’s hat, and he ruffles a woman’s hair, but the strangest part is that each of these people ignore him as if he isn’t there.

Everyone in the video completely ignores the man, until a man on a bench with a newspaper invites him to sit down and pays attention to him. That’s when the video’s big surprise is revealed.

The man in black is actually personifying the wind, and the video is a commercial advertising wind power. The ad is meant to make us see nature as something we can work with to further technology. We’ve got to say, we never saw that coming!

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