Patriotic Trucker Sees Thug Slap Woman, So He Does THIS

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A patriotic trucker was sitting in a Waffle House back in March when he saw a thug slap a woman. Unfortunately for the violent punk, this turned out to be a BIG mistake…

“You touch her again and you will be my mother f****** BREAKFAST!” the no-nonsense trucker screamed at the thug, according to Conservative Tribune.

Being an ignorant fool, the thug responded by mouthing off, but the trucker wasn’t about to back down.

“What you gon’ do, boy?” the trucker asked before he unloaded on the coward with a series of expletives.

Friends managed to pull the trucker away from the punk before they came to blows, but the thug wouldn’t shut up. When he threatened to shoot the trucker, things got REALLY nasty!

“Shoot me, mother f******!” the unfazed trucker retorted. “It won’t be the first time.”

We’re pretty sure this punk won’t be hitting a woman again anytime soon…

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