Muslim Man Attacks Christian Woman On Train – But What Happens Next Has HIM Screaming In Terror

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Europe is currently in crisis as millions of Muslims have fled there from the Middle East. Now, Christians in the western continent are quickly becoming the minority in their own countries, and Muslims are taking over.

In this video, a Muslim idiot tries to inflict his religious beliefs on a Christian woman while riding a London train, but it doesn’t end well for him. It all started when the woman put her feet up on one of the train seats, causing the crazy Muslim to begin screaming at her.

“You should be in prison,” the man yelled in English with a Pakistani accent, according to Conservative Tribune. The woman, who has since been identified as Ruby Butler, responded that she was tired and had every right to put her feet up, but the Muslim man wasn’t satisfied with her excuses.

“Don’t argue with me,” he shouted back at her.

Other passengers stepped in to try to calm the man down and support Butler, with one person reminding him that they were all in “non-Muslim England.” The outraged man responded that he was born in England and has “as much right as you have,” suggesting he has every right to scream at the innocent woman.

“What are you going to do? Hit me?” the Muslim asked the stunned passengers. The man finally threatened to call the police, an idea that Butler firmly supported.

“If they can arrest me for putting my feet on the chair then I will gladly be arrested,” she retorted.

Butler then explained that she is a proud Christian, not a Muslim, and that she always prays. Disgusted by her strong belief in God, the Muslim finally fled the train at the next stop with his tail between his legs.

The video was posted to social media last week, and it quickly went viral. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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