Muslim Learns Store Is Owned By Christian – Watch What Happens Next

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The Obama administration loves to portray Muslims as innocent victims, but videos like this prove that they are anything but that.

In countries like Egypt, Christians face constant persecution at the hands of violent Muslims who want to eradicate any competing religions. According to Conservative Tribune, this surveillance footage shows a “Salafi-looking man” walk into a Coptic Christian-owned shop in Qena, Egypt holding two black bags. Moments later, the man is shown leaving with only one bag.

The bag ended up containing a bomb, and luckily the Christian shopkeeper noticed it in time for police to safely defuse it. It should come as no surprise that there was a bomb in the bag, since “Salafi” is a movement within Sunni Islam that focuses on violent jihads.

Though the video shows the perpetrator clearly, the bomber was never even brought in for questioning by the police. This is likely because the Egyptian police department is run by Muslims who probably would have loved to see the store be bombed.

Though this bombing was stopped, another attack on the very same store was launched days later. A masked man on a motorcycle threw two bombs at the shop as he drove by, causing extensive damage to the store.

“The [Muslim] Brotherhood is behind the attack,” the Christian store owner said afterwards.

These anti-Christian attacks don’t only happen in the Middle East; they’re happening with increasing regularity in the United States as well. Please pray for all Christians as we struggle to protect ourselves!

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