BREAKING: Boston Bomber Linked To Obama

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On April 15, 2013, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his brother Dzhokhar planted bombs at the Boston Marathon. These bombs killed three people and wounded countless others. 

Tamerlan was killed by police days later, but disturbing new details have just come to light about the bomber in a bombshell new report. According to Infowars, many top law enforcement officials suspect that Tamerlan was an informant for Obama’s FBI.

These suspicions first came to light in March of 2014, when the legal defense team for Tamerlan’s brother filed a brief in federal court claiming that the FBI had tried to recruit the elder brother. The FBI has repeatedly denied that Tsarnaev ever worked for them in any capacity, but suspicions have only grown in recent years.

Further investigation has revealed that many were suspicious of the way the FBI handled their pursuit of the Tsarnaev brothers in the days after the bombing. An MIT police officer who was on duty the night the brothers killed Officer Sean Collier told the press that he and his colleagues suspected that the FBI knew exactly where Tamerlan was that night. The unnamed officer said that he got the feeling that Tamerlan was under surveillance from the FBI at the time, despite the fact that they pretended not to know where he was.

Watertown police chief Ed Deveau has since slammed the FBI for their conduct that week, saying that Collier would be alive today had they closed in on Tamerlan sooner. 

We can’t say we’d be surprised if Obama teamed up with a terrorist to attack America. Do you think there could be any truth to this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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