Harley Davidson Dealership Submits To Radical Islam – Watch What Happens Next

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A few days ago, a Harley Davidson dealership in Washington D.C. announced that it would be hosting Nation of Islam rally led by Louis Farrakhan on October 10.

The event is called “Justice or Else,” and the dealership’s website proudly said that they were promoting the location as a rallying point for black attendees.

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According to Joe For America, Farrakhan has spent the last few weeks giving speeches in which he glorified violence against white people. Earlier this summer, the leader called on 10,000 black men in Miami to launch “violent retaliation” against the white man. Days later, while speaking in Milwaukee, Farrakhan said that “white people deserve to die.”

Needless to say, many bikers were outraged when they found out that this dealership would be working to promote Farrakhan’s cause. Soon after the announcement was made, a group known as 2 Million Bikers made an announcement of their own when they said they would be taking their business to a different dealership.

After losing much of his business, the owner of the D.C. dealership withdrew his support for the rally as well in a public letter.

When we agreed to allow a group of bikers to use our dealership as a meet-up location prior to the Ride for Justice, as we allow numerous groups to do, it was in no way intended to imply Harley-Davidson of Washington DC sponsored or supports the cause that they represent.

Harley Davidson of Washington DC opposes all forms of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, and we do not discriminate against individuals because of their political views, in theory and in practice, and will continue to do so. We have withdrawn our consent for the bikers to meet here. We are a small business, Harley-Davidson thru and thru. We are in business to sell and service Harleys and to provide a place for our employees to make a living to support their families.

Thomas A. Moorehead, owner Harley-Davidson of Washington DC

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