Doctors Drop Bombshell About Obama – He Is VERY Sick

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President Obama is showing signs that he has a serious illness.

He refused to release his medical records during the 2008 election which most Presidents have done in the past. In replacement, he created a one-page letter from his family doctor.

There are many people who are shaming the President for not releasing his medical records when John McCain was so open to it regarding his surgeries and skin cancer.

According to Universal Free Press, experts believe that it was due to the fact he has smoked for a number of years and could have emphysema. Many also have a theory that he has a history of drug use that he does not want the public to know about.

He has had multiple hospital visits which indicate to experts that he may have a serious illness. He has fluctuated in weight which could also be a sign that he is ill.

Obama could easily be trying to hide a major illness from the public because he is afraid that being sick could be the final nail in his coffin. Americans have already made it clear they want Obama out of the White House, and this could be the final straw!

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