Town ‘Terrified’ After Spotting This ‘Eery’ Figure In Neighborhood

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On August 17, a chilling photo was uploaded to social media that has left an entire town terrified.

According to Conservative Tribune, the image shows a disturbingly pale figure wearing a long black cloak and hood standing outside of a homeowner’s window in Hudson Woods apartment complex in Gastonia, North Carolina.


The photo quickly went viral, and police became involved after parents became concerned about letting their children play outside. The case got even more disturbing when residents reported finding raw meat next to a playground in the apartment complex, and many believed the cloaked figure had placed it there.

Conspiracy theories swirled for days until the truth behind the mysterious figure was finally revealed. The cloaked figure was actually a college student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who was working on a student film.

This was revealed when the mother of one of the students working on the film saw the story and immediately called the leasing office of the apartment complex to let them know what was happening.

We’re thankful that this was just a harmless student, and not a dangerous monster trying to hurt children with raw meat!

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