Muslims Force US School To Do THIS To Their Students

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A group of angry Muslims in Montgomery County, Maryland were outraged when they realized their school district had put holidays like Christmas and Yom Kippur on the calendar, but had left off the Muslim holiday of Eid.

After the Muslims voiced their frustrations, the school district made a terrifying decision. According to Conservative Tribune, they submitted to the Muslims by stripping all religious designations from holidays, even Easter and Christmas.

As a result, Christmas vacation will now be referred to as “winter break,” and the week off for Easter will be called “spring break.” This decision came after weeks of demonstrations from Muslims, who are still outraged despite this concession.

“Especially being in high school, it’s hard to take a day off,” one Muslim student whined. “You get piles of homework and tests.”

It’s ridiculous that we can’t even put Christmas on the calendar now without PC-obsessed liberals making a stink out of it. When will this madness end?!

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