Muslim Refugees Are Given Aid Boxes – You Won’t Believe What They Do Next

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Earlier this week, on the Macedonian border, a group of ISIL extremists disguised as migrants were given aid boxes by the Red Cross. However, the angry Muslims ended up refusing the boxes because they were not halal.

According to Mad Patriots, the Muslims informed the Red Cross that they would only except aid if it was halal, and had the Islamic crest on it. The ISIL extremists then accused the Red Cross of putting pork in the boxes, and demanded that they be given western money instead.

Eventually, the Muslims accepted tea and water aid, but only after the Red Cross logos had been removed. They informed the aid workers that the Red Cross reminded them of “crusaders” from medieval times.

Millions of Muslims pass through Macedonia to get to western countries like England, Germany and Sweden. Yesterday, however, the Macedonian police had to temporarily halt the Muslims’ passage, which led to violent riots. These riots are shown in the video above.

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