TV Networks On ‘High Alert’ After Trump Announces THIS Plan For Debates

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At the first GOP debate a few weeks ago, frontrunner Donald Trump brought in record ratings for Fox when over 24 million people tuned in to watch what he would do.

Now, Trump has announced a plan for future debates that has left television networks in panic mode.

During a Tuesday night speech in Dubuque, Iowa, Trump reminded the crowd about the records he broke for Fox. According to Conservative Tribune, Trump then revealed that he is considering CHARGING networks for his participation in their debates.

“I should go to CNN. And I should say to Jeff Zucker, a great guy. ‘Jeff, I’m going to do the debate but I want $10 million for charity. American Cancer Society, AIDS research…’” Trump said. “Otherwise I’m not going to the debate. And, honestly I think they’d pay me. I do.”

While Trump was definitely at least half-joking, this could actually be a really good idea. Networks will be depending on Trump to earn ratings for their debates, and while they would never pay a candidate to participate, they could definitely give money to charity.

In the end, this could be an awesome way to raise money for a worthy cause!

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