Big Foot SPOTTED In US – You Won’t Believe What He’s Doing…

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Last week, we reported that Big Foot had been spotted in North Carolina. Now, the mysterious creature has been caught on camera again, This time in California…

According to Daily Mail, Sasquatch researcher MK Davis was combing through old footage from 2008 recently when he noticed Big Foot in the background. The five second video was shot seven years ago when Davis was hiking in Bluff Creek, California with two other men.

At first, Davis could not see what the creature was doing in the footage. However, after he used special software to stabilize the video, he now says the mysterious creature is shown struggling with some kind of animal by wrapping it in cloth on the side of a stream. Davis claims he can see Big Foot’s left foot and toenails in brightened versions of the video.

“It was really dark when I filmed it and I was quite zoomed in at the time so I didn’t see anything,” Davis recounted. “I had been up on the mountain with some friends and we had found a flat area with a carcass where a deer carcass was with the bones snapped and the marrow sucked out.”

“We saw some large prints too so we thought there might be these creatures in the area but we didn’t see any more than that,” he added. “It was only when I looked at the video again that I saw something white moving on the screen which is the bag it is holding.”

Davis went on to say that after shooting the video, he proceeded to walk down the stream, meaning he likely came within 15 feet of the creature.

“I didn’t see anything. It must have seen me as I got closer and pulled the branches down over itself to hide,” the researcher said. “It seems to be wrapping something in a cloth. This area had thousands of firefighters and support just a few months earlier. It’s not surprising that it found a cloth or rag.”

Naysayers say the creature in this video could have easily been a hunter cleaning a rifle, or another hiker resting by the water, but Davis says this is impossible.

“This was a remote location about 25 miles into the wilderness,” he concluded. “You need a vehicle to get there and if it was a person, they were there without a vehicle.”

Do you think this video shows Big Foot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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