Race-Baiters Make Terrifying Move To Change How Much YOUR Vote Is Worth – This Is Bad

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We already knew liberal race-baiters had no shame, but this is just ridiculous…

Last week, a writer for the liberal news outlet The Washington Post wrote a story in which he demanded that the U.S. governments give blacks five-thirds of a vote as reparations, effectively making their votes more important than everyone else’s.

“A five-thirds compromise would imbue African Americans with a larger political voice that could be used to fight the structural discrimination expressed in housing, education, criminal justice and employment,” wrote Theodore R. Johnson, a former White House fellow and current Ph.D. candidate in law and policy at Northeastern University, according to Conservative Tribune.

Essentially, this guy thinks the only way to combat “racism” is to institute a policy that is EXTREMELY racist.

“If racism is the culprit, then dismantling it requires the same tools that constructed it,” he added.

If this were to be put in place, it would ensure that Republicans never again get control of the House and Senate, or make it to the White House. Johnson proposed that his plan be put in place for 24 years, which is more than enough time for Democrats to wreak havoc on our nation.

“With black voters so massively empowered, politicians will have no choice to but [sic] to put black priorities first if they hope to remain in office,” Johnson concluded.

The notion of something like this happening is absolutely terrifying. We can only hope that race-baiters are never able to make this happen…

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