Three Thugs Break Down Patriot’s Door – Watch What Happens Next

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Last week, three thugs broke into the Kansas City home of Nathan Engert. They never expected this to happen next…

According to IJ Review, the punks had no idea that Engert is an expert in Brazilian Jiu jitsu who installed security cameras all over his home after someone tried to rob him last year.

When the thugs bumped into Engert, they quickly fled the home, but they had no idea their faces had already been captured on camera.

“I turned the corner and saw this 15-year-old kid…” Engert recounted of the robbery. “They were more surprised than I was. They were way more scared than I was.”

Nothing was stolen during the botched robbery, but the thugs did break Engert’s front door. Police also were able to find DNA from the robbers. Engert is now just hoping the authorities will be able to find the cowardly punks.

“What I hope is, not so much to catch the guys — that would be great — but to help other people avoid this feeling,” Engert said. “It is an awful feeling.”

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