Lesbian Actress Confronts Ted Cruz – Watch What Happens Next

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Ellen Page is an Academy Award nominated actress who also happens to be a lesbian. Today, she confronted Texas Senator Ted Cruz at the Iowa State Fair, and it didn’t go so well…

According to Mediaite, Page began the confrontation by asking Cruz about how “people [are] getting fired just for being gay or trans.” Cruz responded by citing cases in which Christians are being forced to help with gay weddings, saying “Bible-believing Christians are being persecuted.”

Page and Cruz continued to go back and forth, with their argument descending into the semantics of the word “persecution.” Cruz pointed out that the real anti-gay cultures are Islamic states like ISIS and Iran, where homosexuals are executed for their lifestyle.

Page refused to address this, however, instead focusing on how gays are persecuted in the U.S.

In the end, nothing much was accomplished with this argument on either side. Page desperately tried to make Cruz look stupid, but it clearly didn’t work!

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