Catholic High School Employee Tries To Seduce Her Student With ‘Naked Selfies’

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A guidance counselor at an elite prep school was arrested this week after she was caught trying to seduce a teenage student with raunchy photos.

Before her arrest, Emily Feeney, 40, was a guidance counselor at Malvern Preparatory School, a renowned Catholic school in the Philadelphia suburbs. According to Daily Caller, Feeney was also a swim coach for the school.

Reports say that Feeney pursued the underage boy for months, sending him nude photos of herself in an attempt to seduce him. She even promised that she could get him into Harvard University if they had sex, but the boy continually refused her advances.

Feeney’s quest for the boy began in 2014, and over the course of the school year she sent him hundreds of emails and texts.

“I adore you — always have, always will,” the guidance counselor allegedly wrote to her teenage victim.

“If you’d… just stop fighting and let it happen, you’d be a lot less uptight and much happier,” she said in another message.


Prosecutors say that Feeney even kissed the boy at one point.

“The defendant was extraordinarily predatory in the way she attacked this 16-year-old boy, going after him again and again and again,” said Chester County district attorney Tom Hogan.

All of her efforts failed miserably, however, as the boy continued to be adamant about not hooking up with the much older woman.

“I’m not interested in you end of story,” he reportedly told her. “I’m 16. I’m not into you.”

Desperate, Feeney promised that she could use her connections to get the boy into Harvard, saying that if he did what she wanted, she could get him a place on the university’s swim team.

“You owe me big time,” Feeney allegedly said after making this promise. This, however, also failed.

Feeney turned herself in on Wednesday and was released later that day on $7,500 bail. Charges against her include institutional sex assault, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of minors. She has plead guilty to all charges so far.

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