GRAPHIC: Muslim Leader Learns DEADLY Lesson About Gun Safety

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In this video, a Muslim leader learns the hard way that you need to be careful when handling a gun.

According to Mad World News, this incident took place in Jordan, and the footage shows a group of Muslims celebrating a traditional Islamic wedding. Per Muslim tradition, the guests eventually fire their guns in the air, but that’s when things get messy…

One Muslim man apparently has no idea how to handle a gun, because he does the worst thing a firearm-holder could POSSIBLY do. After he fired it in the air, he brought it down to engage the hammer and the weapon accidentally fired sideways. Unfortunately, he hit a five year-old boy as well as another man who was near the child.

Reports say that the child died of his injuries after he was hit in the torso.

This video serves as a grim lesson to ALWAYS be careful with guns!

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