What Rosie O’Donnell Just Did Will Make You SICK

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Earlier this week, Rosie O’Donnell frantically reported that her 17 year-old adopted daughter was missing. The comedienne was then humiliated when it was revealed that her teenage daughter had run away with a 25 year-old heroin dealer, exposing Rosie as an absentee parent.

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Now, Rosie is being publicly slammed as “thoughtless” after she dragged an innocent recovering addict into the mess surrounding her daughter.

It all started on Thursday, when Rosie tweeted a 2012 arrest summary for Steven Sheerer, the 25 year-old who was housing her daughter Chelsea. The report, which was sent out to Rosie’s nearly one million followers, described how Sheerer had been arrested with 22 year-old Emily Lioudis for possessing drugs and child endangerment after they were caught with drugs as her two children sat in the backseat of her car.

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Three years later, Lioudis is a recovering addict who had nothing to do with what happened to Chelsea O’Donnell, and her family is outraged that Rosie carelessly dragged her into this.

According to Daily Mail, Lioudis’ father said Rosie should have avoided “opening old wounds” for his daughter and slammed the comedienne for publicly shaming her.

“I am angry beyond words. What right does Rosie O’Donnell have to do this?” he said. “Now all because of the actions of a thoughtless comedian, my daughter’s past life is public property.”

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“She has been through hell and back and now this comes along. It is very unfair on her,” he continued. “Emily has nothing to do with this Steve Sheerer person. I have never met him and he has never been to my house. He wasn’t Emily’s boyfriend or anything like that. Sure, as the report said, she was arrested for heroin and endangering her two children.”

Mike Lioudis continued to slam Rosie in a lengthy statement:

“But she has been putting all this behind her. She has worked very hard to rid herself of heroin addiction and it has been very difficult.

She has been in rehab and regularly gives samples to show she is no longer taking heroin. She works with the professionals to aid her recovery and is doing all she can to restore her life,

She is now employed and realizes her past mistakes have cost her a lot.

Her two children were taken away from her and they live here with me and my wife and sons. We love them like our own, but we hope that one day she will be able to have them back.

But Rosie O’Donnell has hurt innocent people and she did not think before she acted. This is all very unfair on my daughter and her family, particularly her children.

She had no business whatsoever to do this and she has opened old wounds which were healing.

Now everybody knows about Emily’s past mistakes and that’s what they were. She has worked very hard to redeem herself and this has shattered her.

My daughter has no involvement with Sheerer and I have to ask how is it that he is walking about free as he is, while Emily has had to go through everything to get her life back on track over the past four or five years.

It is disgraceful that her name has been brought into this.”

This morning, Emily herself responded to this scandal with a brief statement.

“I have no comment on Rosie O’Donnell. I don’t even know Rosie O’Donnell,” she said. “I am doing what I need to do for me and my family and that is all.”

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Shame on Rosie for humiliating this girl who is trying to turn her life around. Maybe you should focus on keeping your own daughter out of trouble, Rosie!

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