Protesters Attack Cops Who Shot Latest Ferguson Teen

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Yesterday, we reported on Mansur Ball-Bey, the 18 year-old black man who was shot dead by police on Wednesday after he pointed a gun at them as he fled a crack house.

Though police clearly shot the suspect in self-defense, this incident has reignited protests in Ferguson, and they have gotten even more violent in the last few days. According to Conservative Tribune, a mob of race-baiters caught up with police hours after the shooting, and that’s when things got ugly. Even though the protesters had no idea what the details of the shooting were, they still expressed vehement anger with police over what happened.

Videos show the protesters getting in the St. Louis police officer’s faces and throwing objects at them as the cops struggle to maintain their composure. To their credit, the police officers managed to stay professional throughout this entire ordeal.

It’s sad that protesters don’t even care what the facts are anymore. Instead, all they care about is taking down American police officers.

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