US Gov’t Makes Major Move Towards Banning Gun For 10 YEARS

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Obama and his liberal minions have been on a mission to destroy the Second Amendment by banning guns for years now. In the state of California, they have come one step closer to this goal.

When California lawmakers return to work, they are set to discuss Senate Bill 347, a piece of legislation that would add to the list of non-violent misdemeanor offenses that allow judges to deny citizens their Second Amendment right for an extended period of time.

Though other bills have intended to ban someone from owning guns for one year, California’s SB 347 has been designed to strip someone of their Second Amendment rights for a whopping ten years.

According to Conservative Tribune, an example of a non-violent misdemeanor that could result in a 10 year ban from owning a gun is transferring a firearm to a family member without going through a dealer. It doesn’t matter if this gun has been in the family for decades: the government will still strip you of your guns if you don’t go through a licensed dealer.

If anyone is caught with a single ammo cartridge in a vehicle or purse, they will also likely lose their Second Amendment right for a decade. Forgetting to close the lock on an ammo or firearm storage unit after leaving a gun range can also result in this serious punishment.

This law is clearly aimed at trapping law-abiding citizens and stripping them of a major constitutional right. If Obama gets his way, laws like this could go into action all over the country.

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