Obama Staffers Caught In Disturbing Sex Scandal

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Cheaters around the world are panicking today after hackers leaked the names of 37 million users of the adultery website Ashley Madison.

According to Daily Mail, the names of 15,000 government workers have been leaked in the scandal, and many of them work in the White House under Obama.

15,000 users of the site have been found to be registered under gov and .mil email addresses, which are the official domain names of the American military and government. 59,000 of the total names leaked reside in Washington D.C., a city which has boasted the highest number of Ashley Madison registrations for the past three years.

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One user has been identified as “[email protected],” a name which has raised eyebrows all over the country. However, since Ashley Madison does not verify email addresses, anyone could have made that username up.

A government worker in Britain whose name was leaked has spoken out today to claim she has never been a member of the site. Instead, she says she has been made the target of a malicious enemy.

“I’m absolutely heartbroken,” she said. “I’m married and would never do something like this. It must be malicious. I never knew I had enemies.”

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Another married man whose identity was leaked admitted to joining the site just because he was “inquisitive” about meeting other women. However, he claims he never actually cheated with anyone.

“I did sign up but never used the account,” he lamented. “I’m a bit annoyed to be honest – I set it up with the intention of using it but was unable to access it due to work restrictions.”

“Now my details are all over the internet,” he added.

It’s sickening that so many members of Obama’s government have been implicated in this cheating scandal. THESE are the people who are running our country!

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