Fox News Host Tells Trump to ‘F*ck Off’ – Here’s How the Donald Responded

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Two weeks ago, the top ten Republican candidates came together for the first debate of this election. Afterwards, Americans everywhere declared Trump to be the winner by a landslide, but Fox did not make this victory easy for him…

In the wake of the debate, Trump spoke out to call moderator Megyn Kelly a “bimbo” after she did everything she could to take him down during the debate. He then slammed Fox News personality Frank Luntz, who tried to humiliate Trump after the debate with a biased, anti-Trump focus group.


This week, Luntz finally responded to Trump’s attacks, saying that both Trump and Bernie Sanders are “delivering a big ‘f— you’” to American elites.

“But ‘f—- you’ doesn’t solve anything,” Luntz said, according to Conservative Tribune. “‘F—- you’ doesn’t make life any better. ‘F—- you’ makes you feel good, but it doesn’t get you where you need to go. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t make America strong. ‘F—- you’ doesn’t solve anything.”

Trump quickly responded to Luntz’s attacks, saying that his comments were just a pathetic attempt at revenge.

“And frankly, if I was (Fox News President) Roger Ailes,” Trump added, “I’d fire that guy so fast for what he did that his head would spin.”

Insiders say the issues between Luntz and Trump started at a closed door event held by the Koch brothers. There, Luntz confronted Trump, telling him he is making “a mockery out of the democratic process.”

Trump, of course, paid no attention to Luntz’s criticisms, and has continued to dominate the GOP race.

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