Trump Campaign in Emergency Mode After Melania Drops Inappropriate Details About Sex Life


August 19, 2015 8:05am PST

With Donald Trump currently at the top of the polls, the entire country is preparing for the possibility of his presidency. This means that the focus is now shifting to what his wife Melania would be like as first lady. According to Daily Mail, 45 year-old Melania Trump would be the first lady to ever pose nude and talk about sex with her husband. 2B70F36700000578-3201088-image-a-6_1439846297212 “We have incredible sex at least once a day,” Melania told Howard Stern back in 2000. “Sometimes even more.” Despite her candor, experts say Melania will also be a classy and elegant first lady, much like Jackie Kennedy. Back in 1999, when Trump was considering a presidential run for the first time, Melania told the press exactly what kind of first lady she intends to be. “I would be very traditional like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy,” she said at the time. 2B70996E00000578-3201088-image-a-11_1439928072635 Pamela Keogh, author of the books Jackie Style agrees that Melania would make a perfect first lady. Here’s what she had to say about her:

“Like Jacqueline Kennedy, Melania Trump is beautiful, discreet, smart and keeps her own counsel. Melania would be a terrific first lady, and like Jackie she’s got great style, is great looking, and when she walks into a room, everyone pays attention. I don’t think Melania has any personal ambitions, unlike Hillary Clinton.

Melania’s much like Jackie, who really wanted to further JFK’s ideals. Melania keeps a pretty low profile, and allows Donald to shine, which is very similar to what Jackie did with Jack.

Like Jackie, she’s very well educated. She’s glamorous and she’s an authentic beauty, not a made-up, plastic surgery, fake person. Jackie, too, was an authentic beauty. Because she has great personal style, Melania (who chose a $200,000 gown for her wedding to Trump) would certainly revive interest in the fashion industry, much like Jackie did.”


One thing is for sure: Melania Trump would be a WAY better first lady than Michelle Obama!


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