Muslims Thought They Were Drinking ‘Holy’ Liquid, But They Were Actually Drinking THIS

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Hundreds of years ago, the prophet Mohammad urged his followers to drink camel’s urine to cure a variety of illnesses. Since then, camel urine has been seen as sacred in the Muslim faith.

That’s why the global Muslim community is outraged after a camel urine salesman in Saudi Arabia was arrested for fraud. According to Conservative Tribune, he claimed to be bottling and selling camel urine, but he was actually selling his own.

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Police in the city of Jeddah began investigating the man, identified only as Khurshid, amidst claims that the urine he was selling was fake. The raided his business and sent the urine to the lab for testing, but even the authorities were stunned by the results.

Muslims all over the city of Jeddah are outraged that they have unknowingly been drinking Khurshid’s own urine. It is now known what he has been charged with, but he should probably hope they lock him away for a long time, because his life expectancy is now pretty short in the Muslim world.

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