Penthouse Pet Drops Bombshell About Sex With Trump

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It’s been an amazing month for Donald Trump. Two weeks ago, the first GOP debate occurred, and Americans everywhere ruled that Trump won by a landslide. This is particularly amazing, considering the fact that Fox had gone into the debate prepared to take Trump down.

Now, a former Penthouse Pet is speaking out to say that sex with Trump is “amazing.”

According to Daily Mail, Penthouse Pet Sandra Taylor, who went by Sandra Korn at the time, had a brief fling with Trump back in 1991, just after he split from his wife Ivana Trump. After Trump spotted Taylor on the cover of Penthouse, he had his secretary track her down, and the two began to date.

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Though the pair split soon after their relationship went public in early 1991, Taylor remembers Trump fondly, especially for his skills in bed.

“Omigosh, he was great,” she said recently. “He was very sweet.”

Taylor remembers getting pizza with Trump for their first date before they walked around the city and went back to her apartment to have sex for the first time.

Sex wasn’t the only thing Taylor remembers about their first date, however. She also remembers Trump giving her a copy of his book, The Art of the Deal, and telling her that she needs to change her name.

“I’ve been Sandra Taylor ever since,” she recalled proudly.

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Taylor has also never forgotten the one piece of advice Trump gave her: “If you bet big, you win big. If you bet small, you win small.”

The two would only have a few more dates before their relationship leaked to the press, and they split soon after.

“I was sad when it ended,” the former Penthouse Pet remembers.

Taylor has been married to her husband, ad executive husband David O’Connell, for 20 years now. She currently works as an actress, and lives in California with her husband and their child.

Trump, meanwhile, has gone on to make billions of dollars, and could very well be the next president of the United States!

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