‘Offended’ Muslims Call FBI After Seeing Armed American With THIS Sign

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A few weeks ago, the nation was stunned when a Muslim extremist barged onto a Chattanooga, Tennessee military base and opened fire. Four marines and one Navy man were killed.

In a truly sickening betrayal, Obama responded to the attack by offering Muslims an encouraging message about Ramadan. Despite the fact that ISIS has taken responsibility for the terrorist attack, Obama has yet to call them out for it.

Since Obama has shown he doesn’t care about protecting our servicemen and women at all, patriotic veterans across the country decided to take matters into their own hands.

According to The Political Insider, veteran Jim Stachowiak headed down to his local military recruitment center carrying a gun and a sign. The sign said bluntly, “SUPPORT AND DEFEND OUR TROOPS FROM ISLAMIC SAVAGES.” Stachowiak proceeded to stand guard in front of the recruitment center all day, much to the outrage of local Muslims.

Eventually, the offended Muslims called the FBI to report Stachowiak. The islamists “then tried to get him into the mosque in order to ‘re-educate’ him with the usual Muslim lies and propaganda about Islam being a ‘religion of peace.’”

Sadly for the Muslims, Stachowiak wasn’t having any of their Muslim propaganda. We applaud this veteran for doing his part to protect members of the U.S. military!

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