Mysterious Tunnels Found Under Las Vegas – You Won’t Believe What They Found

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Las Vegas is known as sin city, a place of fun and debauchery where everyone can go to have a good time.

However, underneath the city is 200+ miles of flood tunnels that has become home to over 1000 homeless people.


Despite the risk of disease, flooding, and highly venomous spiders, the inhabitants have build intricate homes that often include beds and shelves filled with personal items.


Steven and his girlfriend Kathryn, pictured above, have built a 400sq ft ‘house’  in the tunnels that is complete with a double bed, a wardrobe, and even a bookshelf.



Many of the inhabitants of the tunnels are people who have lost their jobs, war veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, drug addicts, and even criminals.


Most of the tunnel dwellers earn money on the streets of Las Vegas panhandling before returning to the tunnels at night.


Pictured above is the entrance to one of the tunnels.


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H/T: Three Percent Nation

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