Black Lives Matter Protesters Caught Wiping Their Butts With Flag

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Since the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death a few weeks ago, the Black Lives Matter protests have been reignited all over the country.

Over the weekend, protesters gathered in Broward County, Florida after they heard a pro-Confederate flag rally was about to take place. 200 confederate flag supporters arrived at Plantation Heritage Park only to be greeted by a gang of protesters blocking traffic. What the activists did next is disgusting…

According to Infowars, the Black Lives Matter protesters proceeded to wipe their butts with Confederate flags.

“Look at that sh*t backed up so decent, it’s like a mile of f*cking Nazis,” one protester celebrated as numerous cars were blocked from the part.

The protesters were armed with signs that said things like “F*ck Your Heritage,” “Black Spring,” “Racist Pigs” and “God Hates Flags.” They chanted phrases like“f*ck your flag” and “shut it down” as the Confederate flag supporters desperately tried to defend their flag.

Way to keep it classy, Black Lives Matter…

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