RINO Glenn Beck Attacks Hannity – Gets a NASTY Surprise!

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Since Donald Trump announced his candidacy in June, Glenn Beck has shown that he really is a Republican in name only.

Last week, Beck attacked conservative commentators Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity for supporting the “unprincipled” and “unlikeable” Trump. Beck slammed Trump as a “progressive Republican,” adding that it’s baffling that “smart conservatives” are applauding him.

Last night, Hannity responded to Beck’s attacks in a lengthy blog post in which he addressed each one of Beck’s concerns. According to Mediaite, Beck criticized Hannity for devoting too much airtime to Trump, so Hannity responded, “I feel I can best serve both my television and radio audiences by giving them as much access as possible to all of the candidates so they can make an informed decision in the primary.”

Beck attacked Trump as a flip-flopper, saying he is “pro-abortion,” pro-gun control, and pro-single-payer health care. Hannity responded to this by pointing out that Beck has made changes over the years as well, since he was once a drug-addicted DJ.

“I like the changes you have made and your willingness to share those things with your audience,” the Fox host wrote. “Are you a better person as a result of these changes? My guess is you are.”

Hannity also slammed Beck for calling Trump “unlikable.”

“I have known him for years and have found him to be extremely likable and engaging,” Hannity continued.

“I am personally undecided at this point,” Hannity concluded. “But I am glad Donald Trump is in this race. I like his straightforward outsider’s view of politics. His personality and background are impressive and refreshing. I like anybody who is not politically correct.”

Tonight, Beck is set to appear on Hannity for a full interview. We can’t wait to see how THAT goes!

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