5 Year-Old Forces Classmate To Simulate Oral Sex In School – Then This Happens

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There has been a new investigation launched that states claims of a five year old boy who forced another minor at his school to simulate oral sex at an elementary school in Bedfordshire. This is an alleged incident that is supposed to have happened at this local school back in May.

Bedfordshire News reported that the mother made sure that the matter was reported to the school, council, healthcare professionals, as well as the police.  She also told the press that “He told her to keep quiet and if we get caught it’ll be your fault.”

The mother also said that, “the head teacher kept telling me this is normal behavior. How is this normal behaviour? They won’t tell him what he did is wrong and it is unacceptable.”

The press and the parents are wondering where were the teachers at this school? And why would a 5 year old boy be away from his classroom without someone noticing? They need to step up their game in terms of monitoring their hallways and bathrooms.

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