I Had NO Idea It Was This Easy To Bulletproof My Home!

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The earthbag is enemy to the concrete industry but great for the environment.

It allows you to build a small retreat that can keep floods, bullets, hurricanes, fires, and storms out and is much safer than a standard home, and it costs much less.

According to Free Patriot Post, these are typically used by the military and became a necessity for people who were in a war zone. Survivalists will probably start to catch onto this method very soon.

This earthbags are indestructible as proven by the earthquakes in Nepal. Only one building was left standing and it was the one that was built with earthbags.

These bags are filled with sand and dirt which keeps the water and all of the destruction away from your property. They have been used for more than a century in wars and for other means of survival. The have the ability to control massive floods and then some.

They are also very cheap. They only cost about ten cents per bag. The only cement that you will need for this project is for the bond beam. Other than that it is just earth and sand.

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