Obama Admin Signs Order Allowing Police To Detain Conservatives As ‘Extremists’

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The House Homeland Security Committee approved a legislation on July 15th that provides DHS and FEMA with more power to be able to roundup Americans that they believe are violent extremists.

It also calls for a new Office for Countering Violent Extremism within the DHS under the assumption that it will prevent Americans from turning into radical extremist and forming groups.

“In the face of mounting threats, our government is doing far too little to counter violent extremism here in the United States,” stated Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the bill’s main sponsor. “Whether it is the long reach of international terrorists into our communities or the homegrown hate spread by domestic extremist groups, we are ill-equipped to prevent Americans from being recruited by dangerous fanatics.”

There is already people who oppose the bill that are current members of a coalition group that has more than 40 different civil rights organizations. These individuals sent a letter to Chairman McCaul and Bennie Thompson, which states there is no actual evidence that any type of pre-crime prevention methods have ever been successful in history.

“Prevent is hardly a successful template. It has been widely criticized for alienating the very communities it was seeking to influence and for lacking any means of measuring effectiveness,” according to the letter. “Moreover, the trajectory of the U.K.’s efforts shows how these program scan morph into outright censorship.”

“Yet, U.S. CVE programs have repeated Prevent’s mistakes, focusing exclusively on Muslim communities and using community outreach programs as a means to gather intelligence on the very groups and organizations that participate in them,” the letter continued.

Most people believe that the government quickly blames the Christians, conservatives, and gun owners, thinking they may be extremists. Even the smallest activities could be warning signs when really there is nothing to be concerned about.

Wesley Clark who is a retired General stated that the government should be proactive when it comes to identifying individuals who have the potential to become radical.

Welcome to America.

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