September 2015: Something HUGE Is About to Happen

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There has been quite a bit of talk about September 2015 and more specifically 9/22-9/24. There are a lot of people who believe that this will be a cataclysmic time. Many are predicting huge events such as a comet or meteor strike, the rapture, and even the tribulation.

There are some things that you must know in regards to September 2015 and why it is almost certain there will be a monumental event.

There are a number of videos that provide proof that there is a catastrophic event going to occur in September of 2015. Most people are predicting that there will be a meteor to hit the earth in September. Some say it will cause a tsunami near the Atlantic Ocean close to South America.

In one video it is mentioned that there is an informant that told the speaker that there is a comet that is over 2 miles wide and gives off a sound. This is much like what was experienced in Rosetta’s lander Philae which touched the surface of the earth in November of 2014.

The BBC’s “End Day” presented five different scenarios of how the last day of earth might be. They involve meteors, Yellowstone eruption, earthquakes, pandemic, and CERN destroying the whole world. All of them have references to the date 9/23/15.

The Tomorrow World Festival is a satanic music concert that is held on 9/25/15in Atlanta. This festival has associations with the antichrist and the New World Order. One of the symbols that they use references CERN and is specifically targeted toward the rebirth of Satan.

While these are just a few of the videos that focus on the end of the world on9/23/15, there are thirty or more videos that will explain to you how possible it is that the end is near in September.

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