Animal Rights Activist Attacks County Fair, So Pig Wrestler Does THIS

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Pig wrestlers at the Utah County Fair were preparing to wrestle this week when an animal rights activists suddenly came out of nowhere trying to ruin their fun.

Unfortunately for the protester, things didn’t quite go according to his plan…

According to Conservative Tribune, over 2,000 people at the county fair in Spanish Fork, Utah had gathered to watch pig wrestling teams compete in a showdown. The contest was winner-take-all style, and the participants were as young as five years-old.

“We were joking about it the other day,” contest participant Brody Steele told the press. “People were calling us racist animal abusers,” noting the Confederate flag he was displaying.

“You guys are pig wrestling and flying the Confederate flag,” he said. “That’s two pretty controversial things to do.”

Suddenly, a protester wearing rainbow wigs and neon shirts barged into the arena trying to put a stop to the competition. Without missing a beat, the pig wrestles took the activist down and threw him over the fence that surrounded the ring.

Now THAT’S how you deal with an idiot liberal protester!

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