Fox Head Roger Ailes Issues MAJOR Threat To Trump

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Last week was the first GOP presidential debate, and afterwards the public made it known that Donald Trump was the undisputed winner.

During the debate, however, Fox News made it clear that they have a strong anti-Trump agenda. Moderators Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Brett Baier planned zingers for Trump before the debate, and even  conspired to escort him from the stage should he “not behave.” In the wake of the debate, Trump announced that he would never return to Fox again, changing his mind only when Fox head Roger Ailes called him to personally apologize.

While this apology temporarily put the war between Fox and Trump to an end, it could be back on now after bombshell reports were leaked about what REALLY went on at the conservative network over the weekend.

According to Mediaite, Ailes and Trump were engaged in heated talks all weekend, with the Fox head eventually threatening the business mogul. Trump was demanding an apology for Kelly’s question, while Ailes wanted Trump to stop attacking her. During their last phone call, Ailes reportedly told Trump that they“can resolve this now…or we can go to war.”

Sources say that despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, neither man actually apologized. Instead, they reached an understanding where they would agree to disagree.

When it comes down to it, Fox should be thanking Trump for the major ratings boost he gave them. Megyn Kelly, Roger Ailes, and everyone else at Fox owe Trump a HUGE thank you!

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