Muslim Cab Driver Threatens To Kill Man ‘Because He’s White’ – Then This Happens

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A Muslim cab driver is facing hate crime charges in St. Louis after he attacked a man for being white.

According to Conservative Tribune, Mahad Abdinoor Abdi has been arrested after he attacked a white man who was sitting in the tailgate of his truck. Abdi put the victim in a headlock explicitly told him he was going to kill him for being white, which prompted authorities to charge him with an extremely rare charge of a hate crime against a white person.

This isn’t the first time Abdi has found himself in trouble with the law. Last July, the St. Louis Fox affiliate followed Abdi’s unlicensed, unauthorized taxi around and contacted the local cab commission. Investigators quickly tracked down the cab and revoked Abdi’s taxi license plates on the spot.

Abdi has also previously faced charges for threatening to decapitate police officers. With these latest charges being filed, Abdi is now looking at some serious jail time.

We applaud the St. Louis prosecutors for having the courage to charge Abdi with a hate crime. We’re sure they’ll get some flack for that from liberals, since the victim was white, but justice NEEDS to be served!

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