Trump Makes Bombshell Announcement About Obama & Africa

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A few weeks ago, Obama attacked Donald Trump during his trip to Ethiopia. The president is clearly terrified that Trump will win the election, since he knows that if he does, he’ll undo all of Obama’s policies right away.

Never one to let attacks against himself slide, Trump has finally responded to what Obama said. According to Universal Free Press, Trump said Obama is “probably the worst ‘president’ in the history of our country. He’s a very divisive person, which is why he brings this kind of stuff up and he should have devoted more time to working on a good nuclear with Iran instead of what he’s doing because he has just been a disaster for our country.”

Obama should be terrified of Trump. The business mogul is currently at an all-time high in the polls, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down. We can only pray that Trump makes it to the White House so that he can undo all the harm Obama has done to this country.

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