This May Look Like A Normal Puppet, But Watch What Happens In The Middle Of The Night…

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A creepy puppet that is believed to have choked it’s previous owner has been caught on camera moving in the middle of the night.

Paranormal Investigator Jayne Harris, 32, recorded the puppet in it’s glass container every night for three months after it’s previous owner claimed it tried to kill him. She was stunned when the cameras captured the doll coming to life…

“I’ve never had anything as exciting as this. I’ve caught pictures of mists, orbs and shadows but nothing as physical as this video evidence,” Harris said, according to Daily Mail. “Normally you expect to see an orb or a shadow, but as soon as I saw a bit of movement and a glint from the metal hooks it made me jump and I knew we’d recorded something important.”

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“We’ve always kept the puppet in a sealed blessed cabinet as it’s a safe zone. It also means we can keep our experiments as controlled as possible,” she continued. “The cabinet has no doors, so you would have to physically lift all four sides and the base off to move it, there are not any holes or space for anything to sneak in there either.”

Harris went on to acknowledge that some people believe she faked the footage, but she swears it’s 100% real.

“For us there is no point in faking your own evidence as it’s only tricking yourself – this footage is real,” Harris said. “Now we’re going to keep filming with motion sensors as this is just one video and we want to build a bigger picture currently we don’t know the name or anything else about the spirit.”

“Our ultimate goal is to find out as much as we can about the spirit and then try to understand why he is still here,” she concluded.

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Harris, a trained psychologist, keeps the puppet in her basement in a glass container blessed by holy water. When she took the puppet to a medium, she was given some disturbing clues as to what might be going on.

“A medium said the spirit attached to the dolls is an old man who is mocking us as he can pass in and out of our sealed box,” she said. “The container is only a physical thing so in theory something that’s not of the physical world could pass in and out.”

“Since obtaining him there have been strange bumps and knocking sounds, but nothing we could definitively say was the puppet until this video,” Harris continued. “This video evidence is real and more difficult for us to disprove than people believing they have had paranormal experiences from other haunted dolls.”

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