She Awoke Realizing She Wasn’t Alone – What Happened Next Is Terrifying

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27-year-old Chelsea Clark of Toronto came home from a long day at work to watch some Netflix in bed with her boyfriend. She had no idea that she would wake up the next morning to find that her boyfriend and her were not alone that night…

According to Mad World News, Clark woke up the next day to find that a stranger had been in the room taking photos of their movie night. She realized this after receiving a disturbing message on Facebook from what looked like a fake account under the name “Mahmoud Abdo.”

“Abdo” sent Clark the photos from the night before along with the caption “really cute couple.”


Making matters worse, Clark has her Facebook set up so that only friends can message her. When she saw that “Abdo” had become her friend in the middle of the night, she knew she had been hacked. She eventually came to the conclusion that Abdo hadn’t been in the room at all. Instead, he had stalked Clark extensively enough to find out who her boyfriend was, hack into his computer, and take the terrifying photos with the computer camera as the couple watched Netflix.

Clark has reported what happened to the police, but the hacker has yet to be caught. Authorities in Canada and the U.S. alike have warned that computer cameras are extremely vulnerable to hacking. You can prevent this by putting a piece of paper or tape over the camera lens, or by disabling the camera altogether.

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