Obama’s Feds Caught Preparing For War Against Civilians

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Over the last few months, we have been reporting on Operation Jade Helm, a military training exercise set to take place across Texas this summer in which military personnel will operate covertly among the American public.

Many see this as a dry run for martial law and have connected it to the mysterious Walmart closings. Since the operation was announced, patriotic Texans have been letting their uncomfortable feelings about this known all across the state.

With Jade Helm underway, Americans everywhere are particularly worried about Obama’s government declaring war on their citizens. Now, something has happened that appears to have confirmed these fears.

According to Conservative Tribune, new reports say that the U.S. Army has posted a solicitation indicating their intentions to purchase a large number of CS gas canisters much like the ones used in the Ferguson anti-police riots.

The notice details the army’s desire to secure a five-year contract to acquire “K765 CS Capsules” so that troops can “become familiar with the effects of the agent.”

This gas is often used in military exercises to acclimate soldiers to the devastating effects of inhaling the chemical substance. However, it is highly suspicious that the army is purchasing such a large number of the gas.

Further details about the Army’s request are unavailable because of the classified nature of the “Technical Data Package” that went along with it. All we know is that when the Army selects a bidder, the canisters will be delivered to Army Contracting Command in Rock Island, Illinois, which is the largest government-owned weapons manufacturing facility in the country.

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