Thugs BURN American Flag At County Fair, Then This Happens

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On August 9, Jacob Redecker showed up to the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa with two huge American flags on the back of his truck. Afterwards, he was stunned to come back to find that one of them had been burned to a crisp.

Redecker was attending the Big & Rich concert with his girlfriend, Kassandra Weldon, when the incident occurred.

“So we were out having a good time. On our way back, a couple of our friends texted us and said that somebody had vandalized the truck,” Redecker recounted, according to Breitbart. “At first, they thought that someone had stolen my flag, but then they realized that they had actually lit it on fire.”

“They were pulling veterans up on stage and singing all those patriotic songs… I just did not expect that at the Mississippi Valley Fair, whatsoever,” he continued. “It melted part of my tailgate there, part of my bumper, and then also got inside my tailgate and got some of the liner in the actual bed.”

“It was just shocking,” Weldon added. “I mean I really have no words to describe how I felt about it because its like ‘We’re in America you can’t do that to the American flag.’ Like I just feel like that is so disrespectful.”

Redecker later posted pictures of the burned flag on Facebook along with the caption, “So this is what is left of the American flag I flew from the back of my truck…never would have thought somebody would come to a country music concert and burn our country’s flag! I really thought the quad cities was better than this…”

The post has since been shared over 2,200 times. Redecker has since received tons of support from patriotic Americans and members of the military, many of whom have offered to buy him a new flag. For now, Redecker has filed a report with the Davenport Police Department, and he’s hoping they can find who did it.

“Honestly, I just want someone to answer for it really,” he admitted. “I mean I don’t care what happens. I just want to know that someone is taking responsibility for it, whoever that is.”

It’s sickening that this kind of behavior has become acceptable in Obama’s America…What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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